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Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – 18 And Life You Know

So busy, so occupied.  Stuff at work, stuff in life, and the world is still a-spinnin’.  But don’t you worry none, I kept an eye out.  I may be a little behind, but I sure as sugar ain’t done.  So let’s hit it.


So, “Live the Dream” means making cheesy puns? Really? I guess we really are living in age of diminished expectations.



I think this means “Run to Live.” Normally, I mock these things, but this plate’s owner is right. Running is very conducive to good health. And the runner’s high is pretty nice, too.


Um, really? Unless you or a close family member was raised in New England, you got no excuse. I mean, if you’re gonna root for an American League team, at least pick the Baltimore Orioles. They’re just down the road. Come on!

18 and life you got it!


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