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Harrisburg Half-Marathon 2014

I’m glad that’s over, and truth be told, I am suspicious of Map.MyRun’s calibration being accurate.  The time still stands, though.


Official Result per the webiste:

281 SHAUN MCCLEARN 935 43 M 29 40-44 1:55:42.69 8:50/M

Two things:

1.  I am a SHAWN, not a Shaun.

2. MapMyRun needs some work on their calibration.  They were off by

I ran with MapMyRun+! Distance: 13.24mi, time: 01:55:58, pace: 8:46min/mi, speed: 6.85mi/h.




One thought on “Harrisburg Half-Marathon 2014

  1. Great time, I also ran the Harrisburg Half and finished with a very pleasing time of 1:46:28. It was my first time running this course and the course if very nice and a well run event that I will continue to run in year’s to come. Congrats on your time and your finish!

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