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Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – Week (Sexy And) 17

Yeah, Labor Day.  Where I celebrate my proletarian roots by sitting in the sun and watching college football (HAIL TO PITT, BABY!!!) and then stuffing my face.   And then stuffing my face some more, then hitting a hammock, and then going to the Great Stoneboro Fair, visiting with relatives, and then eating fried dough, a thing for which there is NO nutritional justification.  And then, I lie around on a hammock some more.  And then, I sleep in, and then I eat too much at my sister’s.  So, I’m gettin’ fatter.  Meanwhile, the Vanity Plates keep on a-lurkin’.  Bastards.  I gotta get back in shape if I’m gonna keep up with this phenomenon.  Good thing the Harrisburg Half-Marathon is coming up this Sunday.


Robin 4 Congress? 4 Life? The 4th in a series of Robins? Or were just the fourth Robin to think of getting a vanity plate with your name? It’s very plausible, but if that’s the case, it’s awfully prosaic. Please don’t disappoint me.



You uncle paid for this plate? For this car? Is a swell guy? Or is he some creep hitting on all of your friends? And succeeding?


Eddie Vedder would shake your hand, if he knew that you existed. Stone Gossard or Jeff Ament would probably just scratch their heads, mutter some half-hearted words of appreciation and do their best to slip away as quietly as possible.


So, to recap: Fatness, I has it.  Time to get crackin’.  That has nothing to do with Vanity Plates, I just need to remind myself to get back into the gym.  I’ll see you next week.


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