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Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – Sweet 16.

As we approach this grand farewell to summer, this celebration of all thing proletarian, AND THE START OF FOOTBALL SEASON, there will be a lot of people travelling across this fair, God-kissed (but not French-style, you pervs!) land of ours.*  Pennsylvania will be no exception, of course, so keep your peepers peeled for vanity’s that’s four-wheeled!  (Not bad for on the spot, huh?)  Here’s a little warmup for yinz to get your brain juices flowing as get ready to be on the lookout for automotive wackiness:


GQ Smooth To A “T”, eh? I took me a little while to get this one ’til I sounded it out. And you know what that means: I’m learning to read!


My hope is that you mean this in the “I’m a go-getter” sense and not the “I’m getting ready for the nastiness” sense. There’s something to be said for subtlety. That’s why they call it innuendo, yeah?


I like the beach. I like dogs. And I’m sure both go together just fine. I just don’t see the need to advertise it. Still, this plate’s a nice e way to say farewell to the summer, so I’ll give it that.


Drive safe, peoples!

*”G0d-kissed land” and all inherent benefits reserved for the sole use of white people.  Everyone else is on their own.


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