Words n’ Sounds What Go Together

Hey yinz guys, today’s Daily Post asks us to find a word and a sound that go together as if they were made for one another. I got this.

The word “curt” means “rudely brief in speech or abrupt in manner.” It’s a short and snappy word with a short and snappy sound.

This is a word that most straight guys learn by their late teens or early twenties.  Usually in a scenario resembling this one:

GUY:  Is something the matter?  What’s bothering you?

GIRL: Nothing, I’m fine.

DId you see that?  She gave a curt answer to your question.  In fact, the answer is significant in what it doesn’t say.  As in, what she didn’t say was:
“Not only have you done and/or said something to offend me but you have also failed to recognize this fact.  You are now on Double Secret Probation, Mister.  The best you can hope for is a cold shoulder for the rest of the night and the worst thing that might happen to you is that this relationship could very well be over unless you at least wise up enough to start grovelling for my forgiveness.”

And that is how many guys come to know this word even if they’ve never heard of it before.


For your entertainment, here’s Mr. Todd Rundgren singing about Onomatopoeia:




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