Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – Lucky 13.

The Dog Days of August will soon be upon us.  But until then, it’s been a surprisingly gentle July, perfect weather for scopin’ out what my fellow Harrisburgers (No, we ain’t edible, and you ain’t Chuck Heston, so quit askin’.) and assorted other SCPA (respec’, yo!) types are sportin’ on their automobiles.  I bet it’s something interesting, something clever, something all kinds of witty, no doubt about it.  Of course, I’ve also bet that the Jacksonville Jaguars are gonna win the Super Bowl this season, so my judgement might be a little off.  Still, see for yourselves:


Mel, yes.  Jazzy Jeff?  Nowhere to be seen.
I’m gonna go for the easy money and bet this is someone advertising their profession. I could be wrong, but the odds point that way.
I hope ELI 9 has turned out to be better than Windows 8. Of course, that’s setting the bar might low, but that how we do around these parts.
Stealth? No, no if that were the case the “12” the E and A would have been replaced by the 12.  And the 12 would have been  followed by an L.  Seattle 12th? Mmmmaybe. Maybe it’s something naval, like this person being a veteran of the 12th SeaBee Battalion?  That’s a possibility.  Another puzzler.  Good.  I need a challenge like this to keep my mind sharp.


Riddles abound this week.  Well, ok, one riddle abounds.  Eh, I’ll take it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have go write more potty-mouthed posts since that seems to be what you people want.


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