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Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – Six on the One Hand…Yadda Yadda Yadda.

It’s getting heavy.  People are on to me and my mission.  A few people look at me funny when I record this phenomenon.  One lady even asked that I delete a picture that I took.  I did.  There’s no reason to be rude.  All kidding aside, I sometimes forget that we live in troubled times.  I think I’m just having fun, but considering what’s happened since 9/11 and our turn towards pervasive surveillance and social media saturation, I can see why some people are on edge.  I must be more discreet.  I have no desire to get my lights punched out.

Still, the surfeit of vanity in this area is a reality, and I must expose it to the world.  *Hums the Battle Hymn of the Republic*

Or it could be alluding to the card game.
Is this short for Ginny? Or are you proclaiming your love for a certain type of liquor? Just don’t act surprised when cops assume the latter and look for a reason to pull you and your fancymobile over.
No, seriously, what the hell was that gum made of?
I too have enjoyed the exploits of that wacky Bazooka Joe! It was worth the risk of cracking a molar on that rock-hard gum just to get at those little comic strips. Whatever happened to that guy, BTW?
I have no idea, really.
You Marte? Me Shawn! Am pleased to meet you!



One thought on “Recurring Feature: Harrisburg & Vanity Plates – Six on the One Hand…Yadda Yadda Yadda.

  1. Funny. I am glad you are doing this. I think everyone remembers long car drives and paying attention to the licence plates of other drivers and thinking, well “that’s interesting,” or “what does that mean?” But I can see why you’d have to be careful and not get anyone upset at you.


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