Here, There, and Everywhere

Today’s Daily Prompt asks “You’ve been given the superpower to change the world.  How would you use it?”

Huh, that’s a toughie.  There are soooo many things that I could do, both good, bad, and somewhere in between.  But I’m not gonna over think it, so, I’ll go with my gut here.  I would change the rules so that I could be anywhere I could think of instantaneously.  Yup, your basic super-long distance teleportation.  Just think of the money I’d save on airfare and gas alone!  The world would be my oyster!  Istanbul!  The Great Wall!  Carnivale’ in Rio!  I could do it all!  I’d still keep running of course, and I’d want to stay in whatever locale I transported into from time to time, but it’d be nice to have that option.  Yup, teleportation is the way to go.

I wonder if I could manage a trip to Mars that way.  Hmmm….


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